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Win Trophy

When a burst of applause comes, it means the victory is near. All the hard work every single day is going to transfer into tears of happiness.A trophyisevidence for each winner. It is also a good way to share previous achievements with people. The value is a priceless treasure and cannot be translated into words. Win Trophy can offer a trophy to become a unique and personal award. We also can engrave all themoments of honor on the trophy. Therefore, the winner can feel full of warmth and honor when they receive the trophy. We are a trustworthy company and we want to create your personal story through our trophies.


  • 感謝獎牌
  • 光榮退休獎牌
  • 業務績效 競賽獎盃
  • 紀念獎牌 紀念獎座
  • 一桿進洞獎盃
  • 學校獎盃
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Innovative Design

Our design team, whether for graphic design or product design, is professional for each exclusive custom trophy or medal. Each product is designed with careful thought to include the charm of both culture and beauty. We like to be bold and use bold innovation and are not afraid to take risks in designing a new exclusive unique trophy that will suit your needs. A trophy is not simply a medal, but a work of art that can be collected and cherished.

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Sophisticated Quality

Each metal trophy is handmade. Every step in this process is completed by a master designer that has solid experience in craftsmanship and technology. We want to make each trophy to the desired perfection. We desire that each trophy will have a special meaning to the winner and can become a lasting heritage. In addition to this, each trophy is made with high quality K9 crystal. It’s transparency, refractive effect, hardness and texture is an incomparable material quality. In each glass sculpture the light, color and presentation is full of infinite color change that enhances each design to become a unique experience.

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Intimate Service

We are deeply aware of the importance of each trophy to the winner. We use rigorous standard procedures for each product’s daily shipping. When the trophy is received we want to be able to convey a “Wow!” surprise for each winner! Exquisite packaging and caring service has been our long-standing reputation in this industry. When the trophy is presented to the honored winner, we hope that our intentions and efforts can be conveyed into your hands simply to make you smile!